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Enhance your style with our exquisite hand-crafted Neckpieces, Chokers, and Necklaces. Featuring freshwater pearls, semi-precious crystals, and meticulous beadwork, each piece showcases intricate craftsmanship. Perfect for weddings and special occasions, our chokers and earrings adorned with glass pearls add a touch of elegance. Explore our collection inspired by the Mughal era, with paisley formations and luxurious embellishments. From the Pariza Navrattna multicolored choker to the Cristina choker with dazzling gold details, experience the opulence of high-quality materials. Complete your look with our stunning necklaces, combining freshwater pearls and oval-shaped crystals in intricate 3D beading. Indulge in the grandeur of our handcrafted Stud-Briana gold studs, featuring a fusion of bouquet crystals and large pearls. Make a statement with our handcrafted mirrorwork Kutch embroidery, designed with vibrant colors, bohemian essence, and unique designer necklines adorned with shells and pearls. Elevate your style with our captivating collection.