By – Ashima and Shiv




The founder of Knotmecute is Ashima and Shiv , they both are from different backgrounds who came together to start there dream of saving the Indian handicraft and developing something new and creative from it , ashima the creative head and designer of the brand has always sense of her creativity since her school time, she has done her graduation in fashion designing from very known school of fashion, 

whereas shiv has always a strong sense of creativity he has the fine knowledge about jewellery designing this is how there idea turned out with there respective knowledge from there fields ,as one day the both were discussing about there work and suddenly an idea pops out in there mind why not both come together to create something unusual as this duo experimented with lot of fabrics and metals to start something different , which should be –

unique, different , vibrant , quirky , affordable and cute!


our creative head  Ashima is always crave for the cute and quirky elements which shows in her brand aesthetics ,

 knotmecute is handcrafted in India by India

( Indian craftsmen), the main elements of the brand is quirky , ethnic , cute and sustainable fashion which is handcrafted !

she has started this journey alone  by developing a page on Instagram in year 2017 which was only known for its cute handcrafted hair accessories , then suddenly when the idea pops up of something more creative and innovative and the planning executed both have joined hands to come up with a brand named knotmecute , now this new brand has a broad vision of how a new form of jewellery can be designed !

initially the collection was limited to earrings , ring but as the people start  appreciating there work they got encouraged and got the power to create more different forms of jewellery which resulted in our different collections and categories !

and now they are helping the the Indian artisan while saving there art and culture of India .